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VueWise Territory Maps 2.0

Building great looking full color Territory Maps has never been easier
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Building great looking full color Territory Maps has never been easier than with VueWise Territory Maps.
VueWise territory mapping software is a vibrant, reliable, and easy to use tool for sales professionals. VueWise Territory Maps was created to fill the specific needs of Sales managers who must constantly update and map territory assignments on a regular, ongoing basis and share these updates with others. VueWise Territory Maps does one thing, does it quickly,does it easily and does it well at an affordable price. Professionals can quickly enter vital sales team information and customer information and then assign, review, and share territory information in colorful professional presentations.
VueWise Territory Maps allows you to edit and change territory reps instantly. No rebuilding required when your business changes- simply edit your existing map and publish the new results. Power users can use the mapping functions to manage their reps and business. The software will alert you to any oversights or duplications in territories. Shared territories are displayed clearly with full rep info at a glance. All rep info is available at a click to be referenced, edited and displayed.
VueWise Territory Maps is built to allow you to quickly publish and present your territory maps to help communicate your teams geographic alignments. What used to take hours to create and manage can now be done in just a few minutes. Leverage the built in export feature to quickly create Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 slides, create an image file (.jpg, .png, .tiff) or print directly to any of your assigned printers.
Vuewise Territory Maps is now more flexible than ever. Organizations need to see simple breakdown of territories and often times want to show just a part of a geography. With this new custom map feature, you can now show just the geography that is important to your team. With the simple template creation wizard, you will design new territories in just a few clicks.

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